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Travel update

Oct 10, 2016
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Travel Update : Hiking Mt. Sindara

by Handjono


Good morning Copipanas …

Sindoro1I would like to share our successful trip to G Sindara (3153 m). Bos Imam, myself and 3 friends (Mita, Yanti and Krisna) on 16 – 17/9/2016 were in G Sindara ascending through the relatively new trek of Bansari and then descending to the older trek of Kledung. Both treks are challenging as many of you have known. Very steep and the descending trek of Kledung is rocky. Bansari trek is recommended, as it is not frequented by many, therefore it is relatively clean. It is also a lot more vegetated than the other treks of G Sindara.

The summit area of G Sindara was beautiful as it was before, and the crater now roars and is smoky.






cycling 7 mountains

Oct 10, 2016
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Cycling 7 Mountains in Java


by Imam Dermawan


7G_pic5The 7G+ are Heavenly Mountain Biking endurance track through 7 magnificent mountains in central Java. The 7G+ trip are multistage amazing race against your energy. The 7G+ trip is beating your own limits end with smile. The tracks are more than 400 km in total with more than 12000 meters elevation gain was designed for and accomplished .These 7 mountains are: Ungaran, Telomoyo, Sindoro, Sumbing, Andong, Merapi and Merbabu and 1 plateau: Dieng.


 7G_pic67G_pic1Route: New Metro Semarang-Bendungan Jatibarang-G Pati-Curug Lawe Benowo-Kp Promasan-Kebun teh Medeni-Candi Promasan-Gebungan-Jimbaran-Bandungan-Pondok Wisata Umbul Sidomukti
Statistics: 67km, 3400m elev.gain, 15hours, 80% uphill, 20% downhill
Type: 20% aspal, 30% kampung, 40% MAKADAM, 10% beton

Day 1:


 7G_pic87G_pic2Route: Pondok Wisata-Pondok Kopi Sidomukti-Jl Goa Jepang-Museum Ambarawa-Banyubiru-Puncak Telomoyo-Temanggung via Kampoeng-Jumprit
Type: Aspal 40%, Aspal Kampoeng 45%, Makadam 5%, Beton 10%
Composition: 70% uphill, 30% downhill
Statistics: 100km, 17hours, 3500m elv. Gain

Day 2:


 7G_pic77G_pic3Route: Jumprit-Perkebunan Teh Tambi Sindoro-Dieng Plateu-Homestay Candi Arjuna
Statistics: 25km, 6hours, 1700m elevation gain

Day 3:



 7G_pic4Route: Dieng-Wonosobo-G Sumbing-Magelang-Ketep Pass – (New Selo-Semarang)
Statistics: 110km, 2500m elevation gain, 12 hours

Day 4:








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