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Jul 23, 2008
Climbed Volcanoes
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Journey to Jewel of the Ring of Fire

Located in Lombok Island, Mount Rinjani dominated the northern part morphology of this island. Its peak measured 3726 M above sea level, makes it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The beauty of this mountain attracts many hikers, as Rinjani has a scenic large caldera lake with an active small volcano, Mount Barujari, inside this caldera.

Gili Trawangan Sunrise

Gili Trawangan Sunrise

By CopiPanas Team

September 2005 – Hiking Mount Rinjani is quite a challange. To reach the peak and visit the Segara Anak Lake requires 3 days and 2 nights hiking through 35 km long trails with various difficulties. The most difficult one is the last km to reach its top, where the slope is very steep and the trail is consist of loose gravels. Managing logistics and timely pace are also essential to hike this mountain. Many thanks to our local hiking guide, Cemplung, and porters that help makes our trip this time enjoyable and save.

We started hiking from Sembalun Lawang Village in early morning to reach the Plawangan Sembalun 1st. campsite. It is a relatively gentle slope but very long trail through a vast savanna plain. After break for lunch at Pos 3, we continued walk in a steeper trail through the pine forest. We set tent at Sembalun Lawang campsite that evening, after an exhausting climb.

Very early next morning at 3 AM, we started our hike to reach the top. It was really hard work through a very steep gravely slope. The freezing strong winds that night doesn’t make the climbing easier. With last breath we reached the top!

We had a very rewarding view. From here, almost all Lombok coast line can be seen. The peak of Mount Agung in Bali and Tambora in Sumbawa are also visible. And the most spectacular view is the Rinjani crater-lake itself with new volcano of Mount Barujari raising from the lake. A really unique and beautiful volcano!

After spending couple hours on the top, we decent to campsite and continue down to the Segara Anak Lake. Our second campsite is set by the crater-lake. And not far away, there is a natural hot-spring. With no hesitation we dive in to clean our body. The hot water also helps relaxing our stiff muscles.

That night we had special menu for diner, which is the fresh carpers from the lake. We bought the fish from the local fisherman who spent days staying in this lake with couples of his friends. We grilled and fried the fish, and they were very tasty.

The next morning we climb the caldera rim to Plawangan Senaru. This place is special because of the famous portrayal of Rinjani were taken here and used in the 10,000 Rupiah bill, another fantastic view of Rinjani that makes us taking pictures again and again.

From here, we decent to Senaru Village as our last point of hiking and reach the village by afternoon. Different than Sembalun trail, the track to Senaru is fully covered with dense rain forrest.
On the way back to Jakarta, we stop for overnight in Lombok’s famous coral island, Gili Trawangan. It’s a unique island since no motorized vehicle is allowed in this small island. All travel on foot, bicycle, or horse-cart. We spent a lot of time snorkeling that afternoon, and have big seafood diner afterward. Those leisures were just adding another perfect memory to our journey.

CopiPanas – Volcanolovers in Indonesia
Left to right: Pak Tunggal, Agust Triantono, Heru Putranto, Eko Pramono, ?Temennya Eko?, Ari Saptono, Yuvid Rastianto, Phil Salvador, Ludy Andria, and Redo Waworuntu.

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