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Dec 6, 2012
Climbed Volcanoes
High Volcanoes >3000 M
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Hiking Mount Sumbing

3270 M

by Imam Darmawan

November 2012


Mount Sumbing can be accessed with airplane or train from Jakarta to Jogjakarta or Semarang. If you use train you can also stop at Kutoarjo or Purwokerto. To find train schedules you can check the train website

Map as shown below :


From Semarang or Jogjakarta you can rent a car to the Mount Sumbing starting point at Cepit. Other than Cepit another starting point is Garung by the highway 45 minutes away on car. Cepit is situated some 10 km away from the highway. As for the Mount Sindara which is adjacent to Mount Sumbing, the starting points are Kledung and Tambi / Sigedang. Map as follows:


Some of the team members used train from Jakarta to Semarang 7:30 – 14:30. Some departed from Bandung using a car.

Participants were 13 from CopiPanas and Wanadri. They are Handjono, Yuvid, Imam, Zulvida, Nungky, Tatty, Caca, Ratih, Martin, Adri, Bongkeng, Bima and Dodi.

At this time, copi panas join hiking with :

• Hikers from PMP (Perempuan Merah Putih) / women climbers : Nungky, Taty, Caca. Nungky write a book about hiking to mount of Elbrus in Russia (

• Team of world 7 summiter from Wanadri : Martin & Bongkeng: (

esdurenAt Semarang we got the chance to savor the famous es durian, one bowl with 5 pieces of durians

Arriving in Semarang, Jakarta team and Bandung team gathered at a house in Jl. Sultan Agung then the team left for Temanggung on 2 cars. The following day in the morning the team rode 2 cars to Cepit. Some sat on the back of the pickup car. Before Cepit, in Temanggung we savor the delicious breakfast of nasi and local chicken.

mobilAt Cepit village we reported to the village staff and paid the administration costs Rp 2000 / person. Then after a short ride on the cars along a narrow and steep road we started the hiking at 10:00. The team was accompanied by Grasindo (Gabungan Remaja Sindoro = Association of Sindara Youth) who is led by Ragil and headquartered in Kledung. Ragil is wellknown to many hikers who have hijed G Sindara and G Sumbing.

554186_10200152320233420_260657819_nAfter about 3 hours of hiking and arrived at Pos 3, we decided to camp and set the tents. It was 15:00 o’clock and the weather was a little cloudy.


68435_4141522768886_29562362_nsindara-from-sumbingThe next morning at 4:30 we continued the journey along the open treeless trek. The view to the summit was clear and beautiful, but at the same time challenging because it was very steep. Mount Sindara view to the north is clear, its summit is covered by white clouds.







At 8:30 we reached the crater. The crater is surrounded by many peaks, and we reached one peak at an altitude of 3270 mdpl.


Then we went down straight away to save time and stopped for a while at Grasindo basecamp in Kledung. Afterwards the team left for Semarang to ride the train to Jakarta. But prior to that we stopped at a restaurant in Parakan. The Sari Ayam Restaurant is a Javanese restaurant and the foods were very delicious. Especially when in hunger after hiking the beautiful Mount Sumbing.


Note: CopiPanas previously climb Sumbing in 2008, and here’s the story



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