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Jul 23, 2008
Future Trips
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King of Volcano

Mount Tambora

Mount Tambora

By Ludy Andria

In 1815, Tambora erupted in massive scale. It is tought to be the largest eruption in recorded history, causing a year without summer in 1816 for countries in Northern hemisphere. This impresive history makes Tambora highest in CopiPanas’ list of future trip.

Mount Tambora Trip

Mount Tambora Trip

This is our first draft of detail hiking plan.

  1. Day 1: We will fly to Bima from Jakarta, and stay overnight in Bima.
  2. Day 2: The next day, we’ll shop for our logistics and travel to Pancasila.
  3. Day 3: Hiking will be commenced the next morning and camp at Post 3.
  4. Day 4: Reached the Peak at down, and heading back to Pancasila.
  5. Day 5: Return to Bima, with option to visit Satonda Island.
  6. Day 6: This is an optional day. If agreed, we’re going to rent a fishing boat for a day and night and sail to Komodo Island.
  7. Day 7: We’ll fly back to Jakarta.

Do you have hiking stories? Send to us and get your name and team member pictures posted on website!

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2 Responses to “Tambora”

  1. From PEAK OF INDONESIA >> Peak Of Indonesia Information | Peak Of Indonesia Guide! | CopiPanas on

    […] 2 peaks, Gede (3 times) and Cikuray, but we have the longest wish list, including the famous Tambora in Sumbawa […]

  2. From Emil on

    Nice article Mas Ludy.. any information about Mt. Rante Mario?

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