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Mount Arjuno

Arjuno Track

Mount Arjuno (3339 M) is the second highest volcano in East Java after the famous Mount Semeru. Arjuno has a sister mountain, Mount Welirang, just to the Northwest of it.

Often hikers climbed both of them in one go since they are only separated with short saddle. Trestes is a famous tourist place in this area, situated just at the east slope of this mountain. Tretes offer beautiful sceneries and idylic natural hotsprings.

Some information about Arjuno taken from Wikipedia. Arjuno-Welirang is a stratovolcano in the province of East Java on Java, Indonesia. It is a twin volcano. Volcanic cones and craters are located in a 6 km long of line between Arjuno and Welirang. The Arjuno-Welirang volcanic complex itself lies in the older two volcano, named Mount Ringgit to the east and Mount Linting to the south. The summit lack vegetation. Fumarolic area with sulfur deposits are found in several locations on this mountain.

Arjuno Team

Arjuno Team

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