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Merbabu 2015

Mar 20, 2015
Climbed Volcanoes
High Volcanoes >3000 M
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   Merbabu – Merapi 2015      


Good morning CopiPanas …..


March 7, 2015 the CopiPanas team was (again) on G Merbabu’s Triangulation Peak (3142 m), after the 1st trekking in March 2007 and the 2nd in June 2013. It was misty, rainy and windy overthere but the majestic peak was as wonderful as it had always been.


IMG_2157IMG_2119CopiPanas in G Merbabu - March 2015P1170676 (4)






















Notably, G Merbabu now has become more popular. Much more than it was in 2007 when we came across only a few other trekkers. Now hundreds frequent the summit and the slopes even in the imperfect weather. And not only Indonesians.


And welcome to our new members ibu Martha, bos Surjadi and bos Erland. Special thanks to ibu Martha who took care of us with the fabulous dinner and breakfast. Cooking in the tent is something new to us but ibu Martha has proven it as feasible and enjoyable ? …..




Sorry, CopiPanas team was on G Merbabu peak on March 8, 2015. We also attempted G Merapi the following morning (March 9, 2015) but unfortunately we had to return to base due to storm half an hour before the peak. It was too risky to do it. Waited for 4 hours in the freezing weather and we gave up. Will return someday ?.




Wuih mantap seru nampaknya.

Selamat buat semuanya!



Congratulation to all CopiPanaser….  You are the best, ditunggu schedule pendakian selanjutnya



Bos Yuvid, we will wait until you could come together. W/o you the team has never been the same.



Bravo, Beh Handjono and copipanaser…



Congratulations CopiPanas, you did it again. Well done – keep it up. Thanks for the pictures. Will wait for the story. 







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