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Rinjani 2.0

Sep 3, 2008
Climbed Volcanoes
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The trail to Segara Anak was entered by 12:30 and the thin mist changed the sunny hot afternoon into chilly one. The trail is a meandering descends from 2600 M to 2000 M. Entering the mist we attacked the descent quickly with “Segara Anak right there at our right-hand direction”. It should be simple, straightforward 1.5 hours descent. But it turned out to be more because at 2100 M the trail goes almost straight to the north (we thought so) where the Segara Anak is actually situated. It is not very close from the last steep descent curve, we were afraid we could be losing our way. The guide has proceeded to the lake to prepare our dinner with fish from the lake. It was 2.5 hours when we saw the lake’s shore with the tents caps amongst the bushes and trees. Segara Anak, we rested deservedly with a lot of walk around, chats, photographs and dinner with newly-caught fish around the fire camp. It was cold enough for us to wear our jackets but what a beautiful place.

Before dinner we went to the hot water springs to find ourselves dipping with the local trekkers from different villages in Lombok. Instantly we felt we were the same, for bapak-bapak and ibu-ibu were so amazingly welcoming us. Not to mention the curious but gentle and super-friendly Universitas Mataram students who shared the prime spot under the hot natural shower. And certainly the hot water soothed our stiff legs and bodies with its warmth. But I do not really know was it the water’s warmth or the people’s that worked most. Perhaps both. What an afternoon.

The evening at the Segara Anak shore was quieter than we expected. All of us sat around the fire camp with some other. Hot water refreshed trekkers under the full moon. The howling of a wolf out there in the woods did not scare us. Then it came the sleepy feeling which I found very nice. The lights inside the other tents have been lit off one by one, the campers slipped to their sleeping bags. And so we were.

After a vivacious August 17th ceremony with a hundred of trekkers from as far as Padang, Makassar, Kendari, Jogyakarta and Jakarta, by 8:00 we marched again for Senaru via Plawangan Senaru. Another 600 M ascent to from where we started. The narrow stony trail by the lake was very close to the water. After 15 minutes walk there is an ascent that became steeper and steeper. The trail is a combination of leveled paths over 50 M cliff,  more than 60° ascends and literally vertical crawls. All narrow and at places we thanked the park management who had installed pipes and ropes for helping us making it to the rim top. After 3 hours of sweat and fear, we rested on the Plawangan Senaru rim. The long haired monkeys were already ready waiting for us. Unfortunately the view to the Segara Anak was corrupted by the mist. But that is fine, for the mist is part of it. Without mist, it could be a shame.

We decided not to have lunch at 11:00 on the rim but proceeded to Post-3 where it would have been 13:00 by then. After a sharp rocky but short trail to Post-Cemaralima we reached the Post-3 by 13:00 as predicted by our guide. There we had our lavish lunch amidst the thicker woods. That was 2000 M and the edelweiss ends.

At 2 pm we marched again to Post-2 on an easy trail. Post-2 was 1.5 hours. Then walked another hour to reached Post-1, on also a shady and easy trail. From Post-1 the trail is already quite leveled until Forestry Gate where the warung was swarmed by hungry and thirsty trekkers. It must be an excellent business. Then another half an hour to the Upper Senaru village on a little bit steep trail through villagers’ farms. The plastic water pipe running on our right side assured us that the end of the trek is really close. Thus our speed increased for wanting to sip a hot tea at the Pondok Indah Homestay in Senaru.

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