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Sep 16, 2008
Climbed Volcanoes
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After a warm sleep under the tents  – well, some actually slept under the warm sky – by 11:00 we marched across the peak to the south for the descent. Just a few second, and the rain dropped heavily. Luckily I already wore my raincoat after feeling some tiny splash of water on my skin. Very soon we encountered the wet unconsolidated stones of Mount Sundoro’s hip. They were so loose we had to take care doubly. The march down was quite slow amidst the rain. Not totally out of vegetation, but the trail down must have been very hot without the rain.

From the peak to Post 3, it was a 3 hours of torture to the knees for the steep descent and the impact of the loose stones. Then the trail became less steep but the stones were just there along the trail. Mount Sundoro is really a stone mountain, my friends. It was already 14:00 and the cloud was still hanging low, side by side with the mist over Mount Sumbing. We could only get a glance at the mighty Mount Sumbing’s peak tip. Then disappearing again, covered by the cotton-white mist. It was actually a disappointment because looking south to Mount Sumbing while descending would have been a terrifying experience. Must be like gliding slowly down for an uphill run, but this time a little tougher than talking. And Mount Merbabu must be there also in the south, but the cloud just did not let us enjoy them.

Some short stops en route, still under the cold shower. The stones gradually were compromised by the wet soil, made us sliding once and a while. Post 2 was a dilapidated shelter with only half of its roof in place. The shower only spared us a little. Some had lunch, some ate crackers and some only looked at the rain in the hope the Kledung village was close already. It was almost 16:00 and the light was already dim in the lower hip of Mount Sundoro that already has been vegetated quite nicely, although not dense at all.

There was a nice shelter that we do not know if it was Post 1 or else but it was occupied by some warmed trekkers and the dusk was close by 16:30 so we marched on. They told us anyway, that it was not Post 2 but just another Post in between. Not really descending because the trail was already quite leveled. Beware of the bamboo small bridge, for the stream beneath was strong and deep.

From a few hundred meters we saw some lighted white roofed buildings, so it must be the Kledung village although we wonder if it should not be Post 1. But Post 1 could not be that large and bright. We sped ourselves while negotiating the slippery leveled trail between the sparse pine trees. Ten minutes, 15’ and 30’ later we did not find anything. It was not WYSWYG at all, must be illusion to all of us.

A few minutes later Post 1 at the right side of the trail. We wanted very much to stop and take a rest for a while but it was already dark and we wanted very much to finally rest in the must-be-warm-and-dry base-camp. The 3 tall quiet silhouettes, 1 lady and 2 men standing under the shelter were not convincing us they were trekkers for there were no back-packs. Who were they, in the darkness of Mount Sundoro foot?

Gradually the vegetation changed to cabbages and tobaccos. We could see them with our headlamps only because it was a pitch black evening under the shower. Still 18:00 but really dark and cold. A gentle downward slope, a turn to the right, a stony trail, then some shiny reflection of metallic thing ahead. The motorbikes ……….. What a nice welcome for we know it was still another few kilometers of graveled road to the base-camp. We know pak Yanto must be taking care of us. So let’s ride them, guys. No headlamp? Do not worry, put our headlamps on and kick the starter ………..

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